Every hardcore gamer in the world will be extremely delighted to discover this newly designed 360 treadmill for the ultimate in gaming experience.

The Virtuix Omni 360 treadmill or VR motion platform, allows the player, on a 1st person navigational game, to move in any direction giving you the ability to also walk, run, sit and strafe.

The gaming treadmill does not, however, include the VR headset, game system and controllers but is simply an add on to your probably already kit up gaming systems. It also does include very nifty slippery shoes with clip on trackers following your movements in the game.

Although quite pricey and probably not on the market in SA just yet, the Virtuix Omni is sure to get you feeling like a pretty badass assassin, soldier or warrior, depending, of course, on what you’re playing.

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