There’s always better

Project Description

Nike – There’s always better

Nike Golf’s overarching message for the upcoming season is There’s Always Better. Golf is one of the rare sports where scoring lower is the goal. So even after your best round, its the putt that could have dropped or the other strokes you could have saved that you remember. So the tagline resonated with us.
Every time you tee it up to begin a new hole, a new adventure begins. And you never know what’s gonna inform your journey. Many meters away, a tiny hole punched into the ground challenges you to find it. In its defense, malicious course architects use trees, traps, native grasses, wind, water and every lie imaginable in hopes of eliciting self-doubt within you. With doubt comes anxiety. Tension. Hazards feel more hazardous. A light breeze feels like a gale force wind. A sand trap morphs into an borderless Saharan desert.
With this insight at the core, our campaign was internally called “Every Hole is an Adventure.”
Are you gonna play it, or is it gonna play you?


Project development

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