Golf TW ‘15

Project Description

With more than 2 months of pre-production and 1 week of filming Lucan Visuals played a key role in the production of the new Nike Golf International TVC’s. Producing the Visual Effects and projections and planning the full process it gave Lucan the opportunity to collaborate with some fantastic people and colleagues to produce an awesome end result.

The TVC aimed to dive into the golfer’s mind to symbolize the perils found on the course and those that come from within. Relying heavily on hand-made props and sets along with in-camera environmental projections we created a unique world that feels both expansive and intimate, yielding a stage that feels surreal yet tangible at the same time.

Director: John Robson
Creative Director: Cory Shaw
Executive Producer: Colin Brown
Producer: David Simpson
Writer: Joshua Bletterman
Production: Fly On the Wall
D.P: Johan Horjus
2nd Unit D.P: Darren Miller
Previs & On-site Animation: Lucan Visuals
VFX: Lucan Visuals
Editors: Kurt Nishimura & Noe Chavez
Music: McKenzie Stubbert
Studio: Curious Beast
Art Department: SSD Fabrication
Filmed in Cape Town, South Africa