With Virtual Reality changing the game you’d never imagine where they’d go from here. The life-like aesthetics of VR, with a better than 4D experience of being present in a different time and space, only gives you the urge to hold out your hand and touch whatever is in front of you. What if you could actually touch an image? Maybe not in VR just yet, but it is a possibility in the near future.

More than 50 years ago it took countless CGI processes to even activate motion on an image. Interactive Dynamic Video is a new technology developed by MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab (CSAIL). They have figured it out by measuring the physical actions of the object and analyzing the vibrations and different frequencies in space. The Interactive Dynamic Video track, monitors and predicts any movement the object makes within the smallest amount of footage shot, and then allows you to click and drag the object in whichever way you want, causing it to move up and down realistically as if it would in reality.

This could enhance VR in a whole new form, if ever experimented with. Creating an even more realistic virtual world, giving you the ability to interact physically with your virtual world.

So what does this mean for the future of technology. Movies, video games, AR and VR?

Check out the introductory videos in the links below and let your mind expand to the infinite possibilities.

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