It only takes persistence, patience and passion to become whatever it is you want. 3-D animator and artist Randy Cano is proof of this.

The 28-year-old self-taught artist, based in Los Angeles, began drawing at the age of 3 and by the time he was in college and dropped out from civil engineering into graphic design, he had found his niche.

Cano’s work has caused quite a stir in the industry with his abstract, out of this world content. He has worked with big names such as Nike, TNT and Netflix.

Watching his work is extremely visually pleasing and oddly satisfying. Exploring the many motions of matter, touch and connection, of gravity and defying gravity, manipulating objects into the most abstract of ways.

Cano plays with effects like shattering, melting, morphing, dancing and rolling. You’ll find morphed faces, wobbly bodies and objects that shatter and melt, there are no limits to Cano’s work.

His key to success is patience, passion and persistence, saying that you can only perfect something the more you practice it, spend as many hours a day as you can be working on it, and learn something new every day. Anything is possible if you put your time and effort into it.

Check out Cano’s incredibly crazy artwork and animations on his website on the link below.